About Us

What is King of the Jungle?


King of the Jungle Clothing is a lifestyle brand and source for the latest content in hip-hop music and culture. Our brand is built upon more than than just selling clothing, it is a movement. We as kings are trying to spread our beliefs and mindset to the people. Our brand is represented by the ferocious and regal Lion. The mighty King of the Jungle. We believe that being the King of the Jungle is not restricted to just the mighty lion. Anyone can become the king of their own jungle, it all starts with a mindset. If you wake up every morning believing in yourself and your ability to work harder and be stronger than others then you can accomplish anything and become the king of your own life. Once you become a king no one can tell you what to do. Our mission is to spread the KOTJ mindset through our clothing and lifestyles. 

You can access the hottest hip-hop and streetwear content in "The Culture" blog or by following us on Twitter or Instagram. and you can shop the hottest streetwear and hip-hop clothing by viewing any of our collections from our main menu. 

To learn more about how King of the Jungle became a brand you can visit this blog post from our founder.

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