The White Sunglasses You’re Seeing Everywhere Have a New Name

The White Sunglasses You’re Seeing Everywhere Have a New Name

They’re not Cobain shades, they’re Clout Goggles.

Twenty years after Kurt Cobain's suicide, it was his oversize, fuzzy mohair sweater that designers couldn't stop reinterpreting. Then it was the former Nirvana frontman's shredded jeans and flannel shirts, most notably during Hedi Slimane's tenure at Saint Laurent. But in 2017, the music icon's oversize white sunglasses—which he was photographed wearing just before his death—are officially back.

The company behind Cobain's pair, Christian Roth, brought the frames back on the market in May (called the Archive 1993/Series 6558, in case you're interested). But even before their official reissue, brands like Acne Studios, Raen, and even, yes, Saint Laurentwere already offering up riffs on the distinctly un-grunge silhouette. The shades were instantly scooped up by Nirvana diehards, stylish guys, plenty of folks who had no clue of their provenance, and some of the hottest up-and-coming rappers like Playboi Carti, Lil Pump, Lil Yachty, and Denzel Curry.

That group of influential mumble rappers is a big part of the reason you're seeing Cobain-style shades (like the pair Urban Outfitters has, available for just $18) flood the market this summer. Like Cobain—or perhaps influenced by mavericks like him—these guys dress however the hell they want. They're catalysts who start trends instead of being followers of them—and they're turning the white round plastic sunglasses into something else entirely. For starters, the shades go by the name Clout Goggles.

Early last month, Denzel Curry wore the rounded frames, claiming, "These ain't glasses, baby, these are Clout Goggles" in a clip posted to YouTube. Two-and-a-half weeks later, on June 27, the term Clout Goggles got its official Urban Dictionary definition ("A pair of white sunglasses that mumble rappers wear"). In a short amount of time, Clout Goggles has become shorthand for a style favored by fame-hungry rappers and Internet-based "creative" types chasing followers.

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