The King of the Jungle.

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The King of the Jungle.

Now this a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down. I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there, I'll tell you how I became the King of the motherfucking Jungle. 

Hello everyone. You have gotten to know my brand and join our family over the years but I have yet to introduce myself. I think now is the time. My name is Humza Razzak. I am the founder and Chief Executive Officer of King of the Jungle Clothing Company. I founded this company a few years ago while I was still in High School, not knowing at all that it would become the brand it is today. 

The name "King of the Jungle" comes from my own name. "Humza" is Arabic for Lion. The mighty lion IS the King of the Jungle. I have known this and carried this name with me my entire life. I believe it is the attitude that I had of knowing I was able to be greater than average that led to my success in whatever I put my mind to. An attitude I believed was being Lion-Hearted. I want people to feel this way when they are wearing my brand. I believe when you look good you feel good and this self-confidence is what separates the Kings from the rest. I want everyone to be able to feel like the King of their own Jungle, and I truly believe when rocking my clothes someone can feel like they are the freshest in the room. That self-confidence and attitude you get when you know you look good are what I think fashion should be all about.

The style that I like to capture in my brand is of course very unique to myself. I grew up in Chicago and as a kid instantly fell in love with Rap and Hip-Hop. I'd say that is where the urban influence comes in to fuse with Streetwear for a unique and always up-to-date look. I love the style and swagger that rappers carried and I found it very similar to the King of the Jungle attitude I carried around with me. Thus King of the Jungle Clothing was born. 

Although I have waited this long to introduce myself to you. I have always been here. Since the beginning I have designed, produced, and managed every aspect of this brand. Until this past year where I was slowly able to add people to my team. This can explain a lot about how we have been operating as a brand and the struggles I overcame to bring it this far. As I said, I was handling EVERYTHING. Meaning I had to create all the web design for the website, graphic design for my products, manage and fulfill orders, handle and respond to all customer service inquiries and issues, learn to market on social media and manage Ads, heck I even printed the damn shirts myself sweating my ass off in the back of my Dad's screen printing shop. I did all of this while also managing to play Varsity Football in high school and maintain my grades and social life. IT WAS NOT EASY. I had to grind and grind to get my orders out while finding new ways to garnish sales all while still handling my high school life and making NO MONEY. The entire first year I was working 40 hour weeks cutting class to get to the shop while being completely broke. The money that I made from my sales went straight back into marketing and branding. There were times were I found myself wanting to quit and throw it all away but I couldn't. Because to me this was never just a way to make money. This clothing brand is and always will be an extension of myself. 


Now, years later, I am a college student playing Division 1 Football and studying Business Management and Marketing at Valparaiso University. KOTJ has shipped out over 10,000 orders to almost every country in the world. We are being represented by big time Celebrities and Rappers such as the likes of the Migos, Lil' Wayne, 2 Chainz, Lil Yachty, Lil Bibby, and many more. I still work my ass off on a daily basis to make sure that my brand stays on top of the others by keeping up to date with the latest streetwear and hip-hop trends. I have a great team of people behind me who handle my order fulfillment process and truly care about customer service so that we may provide a first class buying experience to our customers. 

I hope that bringing you into my life can establish trust between you as a customer and us as a brand as well as bring us closer as a family and help you understand the downfalls we are working on and the struggles we have overcome. I want to personally guarantee that if you buy from my company our team will ensure you receive the best customer experience as well as the highest quality clothing. We hand make every product to order at the largest screen printing company in the midwest. Chicago Printing and Embroidery. We use the highest quality materials from our shirts to the threads in our embroidery. Everything is Premium Quality. Right now my mission is to continue to spread brand awareness and to have as many people as possible get their hands on my clothing. This is why we sell everything so cheap. I am not trying to make money I am trying to spread my story and spread the attitude I carried throughout my life to the world. 

Heres to you as our customer. I hope you will take a chance on my brand and see what we have to offer so that you may become the King of your own Jungle.

If you have any questions for me or would like to further understand my lifestyle you may follow me on all social media @humzarazzak and I would love to hear any feedback or questions you may have.

-Nothing but Love

Humza Razzak, C.E.O.

King of the Jungle Clothing Company. 

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  • Your Blondie

    I’m so proud of all you have done. You have worked so hard, and you truly deserve it.

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